Premium Dog Food

Premium Dog Food

Happy Pets Premium Dry Dog Food For Working Dogs

The Happy Pets Premium range of dry dog food is absolutely brilliant for working and sporting dogs! Our Premium dried dog foods use top quality ingredients to deliver a complete dry feed that will sustain the health and vitality of hardworking gun dogs and sheep dogs, in a palatable and tasty meal. We blend the 7 recipes with extra protein and oils to match the energy output of a typical working dog. So that when the going gets tough... the dogs can keep on going!

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Best Working Dog Food For UK Gundogs and Sheepdogs

A number of ingredient choices make the Happy Pets Premium Range of dry dog food the best choice for gundogs and sheepdogs leading busy working lives. Our carefully judged combination of animal protein with carefully selected cereals and vegetables, balanced by extra fats, vitamins and minerals, ensure your dogs maintain their health and vitality! Whether that's a border collie on a Scottish sheep farm or a cocker spaniel retrieving game on a hunting day in the Home Counties!

The Benefits of Happy Pets Premium Dried Dog Food

  • Energy Levels– Blended with extra animal protein and oils for top performance and increased stamina
  • Digestible and Appetising – Working dogs love our nutritious recipes - dried working dog food that is a cut above the rest!
  • Tooth Friendly – The crunchy kibbles, supplemented by maize, help to keep teeth clear of food debris.
  • Green – Blended in the UK so absolutely minimal ingredient or product mileage.
  • GM Free – We don't use genetically modified ingredients in our recipes.
  • Healthy Skin & Shining Coat – With several sources of Omega 3 fatty acids your dog will be as healthy on the outside as it is on the inside!

To give your working dog the best in dried working dog food make your choice above to buy online or give us a call to get further advice!