Naturals Cat Food

Naturals Cat Food

The Best Cat Food: Naturals by Happy Pets

Our Naturals range is said to be one of the best cat foods available. Containing hypoallergenic ingredients throughout the 3 varied recipes we have produced, we ensure that each variety provides animal protein from a single source, either: fish, turkey or duck! Our blend of ingredients in each appetising recipe will prove gentle on any cat’s digestive tract with a very minimal chance of creating or aggravating any intolerances or allergies that may be lurking in the background. Each batch of our freshly prepared components is naturally bound together using a mix of tocopherols and our favourite rosemary extract.

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Happy Pets Naturals – A High Meat Content Cat Food

Common brands of well known dried cat food can have a poor carbohydrate / protein balance with some examples containing as little as 4% meat. Happy Pets Naturals range contains a minimum of 50% real meat, half of which is freshly prepared for each batch.

For Carbohydrate content we use rice, as a wholegrain source, which is  well tolerated by most cats' digestive systems as well as providing reliable energy. All three of the Happy pets Naturals range is a complete and balanced diet in itself. Supplements include: essential minerals and vitamins, essential Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, as well as Taurine which cats have to obtain from meat:

  • No cereals, wheat, soya or rice
  • No artificial preservative, colour or flavour
  • No GM ingredients
  • Formulated to satisfy all breeds and suitable for all life stages of your cat

Truly the best cat food option for your feline!

Happy Pets Naturals – A Nearly Natural Cat Diet

Your  sweet cuddly feline friend is, at heart, a carnivore! If left to its own devices, a cat who can survive will quickly learn to hunt, kill and consume whole prey animals. So, its natural diet would need to be high in meat, fish, internal organs and a few crunchy bones for good measure! Domestic cats have begun to evolve a little to be more in tune with human food sources, but it is still necessary to come up with a correct mix of the right nutrients to provide a nearly natural diet.